Imagined Collapse_keumho, acrylic on paper, 71x100cm


Wiener str. and Ohlauer Str., acrylic on paper, 27 1/2x39.4 in


Santa Ana Series, 2012

Santa Ana_Allen, acrylic on paper, 15 3/4x22 in

Santa Ana_Shell, acrylic on paper, 44x30 in

Santa Ana_target, acrylic on paper, 26x20.6 in


Imagined Collapse series, 2011

(T)(B)Imagined Collapse_ARSG (diptych), acrylic on paper, 30x44 in each

(T)(B)Der Mar Crossing (diptych), acrylic on paper, 30x44 in each

(T)(B)Hongdae-pasadena Crossing (diptych), acrylic on paper, 26x20.6 in each

Swinging Seoul, acrylic on paper, 26x20.6 in

Pair of mirrored images. One drawing is the imagined collapse of real things (usually an image of man-made architecture), and the other is a drawn image of similar shape made with the mundane objects in my studio such as paper, straw, pushpins etc. I consider this model making process as transferring outside information into an individual realm. Viewers can see the linked process of the imagined/retained experience being transformed into an individual interpretation.

With this work, I wanted to raise the question of what is real and what is imagined, which is one of the themes of my art practice. Seeing a real thing before us, and trying to have an accurate remembrance of it is never possible. This is similar to the relationship between the real and imagination. What is conceived, remembered and imagined all takes shape through similar imagery, and that makes us confused about which of these mental processes we were engaged in.



Sheffield tent, acrylic on paper, 14 3/4x 44 in

Sheffield Barber Shop, acrylic on paper, 14 3/4x 44 in