Corrected Memory of a City_D,KR 2011

installation view

Corrected Memory of a City_D, 2 layers of maps with acrylic, tape, drafting paper, 304x446cm


archipelago, wood, plexiglass, size varies

Scattered Memories, cutout paper on wall, installation_size varies

Scattered Memories is an installation piece in which cutout paper on the wall cast shadows of street names. This piece is about memory that locked in certain names. Responding to the brightness of natural daylight, the shadow texts faded and darkened as the day wore on. I wanted to show the idea of memory flickering with this installation.

Corrected Memory of a City_H,KR 2010

Corrected Memory of a City_H, 2 layers of maps with tape on drafting paper, 225x 336cm


Study for Corrected Memory of a City_H, 2010